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18 September
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about me.
Hi welcome to my Pixelated Land. First lets talk a little about me.
I'm french, from Montreal > Québec ( french canadian )
I'm 19 years old. I want to be a makeup artist.
I love to play sims, espiecially sims 3 now and I wanted a journal just to talk about it and maybe my life.

I like sims 3, my dog (the most wonderful dog in the entire world, an EBT), my boyfriend, cinema, makeup, books, art in general, tv shows, music, photography, show buisness, etc. My favorite movie is Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
My favorite book is Aliss, a book written by a québécois named Patrick Sénécal, a gore writer. ( A gore/trash/sex/murder version of Alice in wonderland )

I'm active at GoS/MTS/Spamalot/LivingSims, my username is Booboo/Bij0ux(mts) so if you want come to talk me :)

Mood theme is by dothesmustle
Layout is by spire
All images of sims 3 on my livejournal are by me (icons/banners/etc).
Any other icon isn't made by me and I'm sorry to not give credit to every person who made them but I just don't think about it when I save a pic so.. Sorreh.

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